Environmental Quality Incentives Program

We offer technical assistance to forested landowners that are in need of improving the health of their land.

Lake County Fire Safe Council, Defensible Space

We offer financial assistance to qualified individuals for brush removal and tree limbing around their homes to help them get into compliance with PRC 4291.


The Lake County Resource Conservation District and Fire Safe Council received a grant from Pacific Gas & Electric, the goal of this project was to make the roadways safer for vehicles attempting to escape wildfire.

Eight Mile Valley Project

The design plan aimed to reduce sediment transport into Clear Lake, stabilize and restore channel geomorphology, and enhance/restore habitat value to the degraded meadow/riparian ecosystem.

Mendocino Complex Project

The installation and maintenance of sediment and erosion control utilizing BMPs in areas identified by the Board as being of high priority.


Collaboration to Help the Community Recover from Fire

Goat’s Rue Project

Members of the Lake County Weed Management Area developed a plan of action to control the infestation of Goat’s Rue.